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JRD Mileage Trackerâ„¢ App
A handy web app to track your mileage, not you. This is a free app to help you track your mileage for taxes and billing. The app won't ask for any permissions from you because it doesn't invade your privacy. We will use a couple of cookies to help with basic workings of the app.

Free because it was built for personal use and it's been my tracking tool for over seven years. I use it for billing reminders and recording trips for tax purposes. I've also used it to test and demonstrate programming and data techniques and hope that it will help generate more business for custom apps as time goes by.

The Tracker app is set up to handle multiple users of multiple vehicles. Users can sign up with one car using the opening page of the app but for additional users sharing cars, we'll have to do some manual database linking until additional programming is completed.

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